Percentage Allocation Money Management Module is an application used by Forex Brokers to allow their clients to map their money to a specific Fund Manager. Investors who are not familiar with forex trading can invest funds and earn monthly returns from it.

Participants of PAMM account:

1. Investors
2. Fund Manager
3. Forex Brokerage Firm

Fund Manager:

The person who trades on behalf of clients.

Here the investor is you yourself, you start with investing the minimum sum required for the PAMM system say $ 1000.

Our PAMM Mission

Earn From Trading without any stress.

Get Consistent returns every month.

Save your Time

Forex Brokerage Firm: :

The brokerage firm helps you connect with the Fund Manager through a secure, reliable platform that allows money managers and investors to interact. They also take care of the regulations, account keeping, deposits, withdrawal, and related activities. Apart from a usual trading business platform, the brokers make sure that their setup allows transparent review, feedback, rating, and related mechanisms for investors and money managers to select and interact with each other.